More Information About US Work Permit

US Work Permit – To be legally employed in the US as an alien or a foreigner, you need to have the legal authorization to work. However the excluded category includes the diplomats and the Green Card holders who are lawful permanent citizens and they are legally authorized to work just like they get nearly all of the benefits as

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Building Permit – Determining the Need for A Permit

It is an important question when it comes to home improvement.

Building Permit – Any homeowner planning a project needs to determine if a permit is or is not necessary, before proceeding with any work. Home improvement projects that involve structural work, and extensive electrical or plumbing work require a permit. This applies to both do-it-yourself projects as well as

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How to Transfer Permits and Licenses in a Winery Sale

It’s nearly impossible to page through any wine trade publication these days without encountering a story announcing a winery sale. Whether it’s the latest in a long line of acquisitions by one of the mega-winery conglomerates, or the late blooming of a wine lover’s lifelong dream, these outwardly different transactions trigger a similar set of esoteric regulatory requirements.


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Carrier Authorities Can Help Secure Trucking Permits

Trucking Permits – You may have a need to invest in a water filtration system that supplies clean, filtered water straight to every tap and every applicable appliance in your home. If the supply that comes into your home is not clean enough, it can be hazardous to you and your family’s health. Without filtration, contaminated water can cause devastating

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Use of Permit To Work System in Health and Safety Management

Health and Safety Management – A Permit to Work is a procedure, a written permit form, which is used to authorize and control high risk work activities. This permit, when effectively developed and implemented, serves as a checklist to ensure that all hazards, control measures, procedures and general safe work requirements are identified, documented, reviewed and understood by the personnel

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Ancient Athens Did Not Need Licensed Teachers

Contrary to popular notions, teacher licensing in public schools does not insure teacher quality. A license also does not even insure that a public-school teacher is an expert in the subject she teaches. In fact, in our upside-down public-school system, licensing often leads to ill-trained and mediocre teachers instructing our children.

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