Emergency Window Repair vs. Replacement – The Pros & Cons

If your car window glass has suddenly become damaged or broken, it’s important to get the glass repaired or completely replaced as soon as possible. Although there will be situations where complete replacement is necessary due to the extent of the damage, there can be times where the damage may be minor, making it difficult to know whether to get window repair or replacement. This article will provide some pros and cons of emergency window repair and replacement to help you make the right decision.

Pros of Using Emergency Window Repair Services


One of the main reasons why car owners opt to get their damaged window repaired rather than getting the glass replaced is because it’s usually much cheaper to do so. Using an emergency window repair service can save car owners a great deal of money, as replacement might not be necessary if the damage is confined to a small area and doesn’t compromise the overall integrity of the glass.


Getting a car’s existing glass fixed is often far quicker than replacing it, although how long it takes to repair will of course depend on the extent of the damage. The emergency window service provider doing the work won’t have to source or install new window glass, which can take a lot longer to do and isn’t always ideal in emergency situations.

Cons of Using Emergency Window Repair Services

Only Possible for Minor Issues

Emergency window repair work will only be done if the damage the car glass has incurred is minor. Any car glass that has become severely chipped, cracked or shattered can’t be fixed, as no amount of repair work done to it can restore its strength and clarity.

Aesthetic Issues

Car glass that has undergone repair work might not match the original look of the glass panel. Even though the glass may be safe to use and does its job well, it could be easy to spot where the repair work was done, especially if the damage was substantial.

Pros of Using Emergency Window Replacement Services

Guaranteed Structural Integrity

Car glasswork that has become cracked, shattered or otherwise damaged is a big safety hazard and should be replaced as soon as possible. Even if the glass hasn’t been completely broken, its structural integrity could have been compromised. By replacing it with brand new glass, car owners can rest assured that they can safely drive their car.

Complete Restoration

Getting any compromised car glass replaced will not only improve safety, but also restore the vehicle’s aesthetic appeal. Many car owners care about how their car looks and want it to have a flawless finish. This can be achieved by completely replacing damaged glass panels instead of repairing them.

Cons of Using Emergency Window Replacement Services


Replacing glass often costs more than getting glass panels repaired. The costs include removing the old glass panel, sourcing and installing the new glass panel, the materials used to get the work done, and labour costs. However, if the damage is extensive, it will be necessary to replace the glass, no matter how much it costs to do so.

More Time & Effort Required

A lot of work goes into replacing a car’s glasswork, and therefore replacement work often takes much longer to complete than repair work. The original glass has to be carefully taken out, then the technician will need to measure the area to know the measurements of the glass frame so they can source new glass and install it.